10 Essential Extensions for Digital Marketing

10 essential Extensions for Digital Marketing

We all very well know that Google is the most widely used search engine. It provides a horde of information within seconds.  But it becomes more exciting and interesting when more functionality is augmented to enrich the user experience.

As the definition of Google reads extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable the users to customise Chrome functionality to enhance and simplify the browsing experience. Specific features can be added to improve the functionality of the chrome.

A digital marketer always anticipates to grow his stance in the internet.To complement this there are many useful extensions available.  Here, I  have compiled a few extensions which would provide a tailor made working for  digital markting.

  1. Mozbar

This  extension serves as a great source  to obtain a quick overview of link metrics, including domain and page authority. MozBar is really simple to use, and gives you a huge amount of actionable information including on-page elements and link metrics.

Custom searches, access and compare link metrics, highlighting keywords and data exporting are the additional features of the Mozbar. Mozbar produces detailed information of the website by setting up general attributes, Link Metrics, Http status for the requested website. This extension is used by SEO experts for profound results.

  1. SEMRush

A tool to analyse the research based on SEO and produce backlinks, product lists, keyword lists and competing website by producing organic results. They provide data in chart which has a better pictorial representation for better understanding.

 SEMrush is a leading digital marketing toolkit for SEO, PPC, SMM and Content Marketing professionals worldwide. With more than  25 tools contained in the software, SEMrush provides solutions for in-house marketing teams and agencies working with clients in any industry. In its niche and pricing segment, SEMrush is an absolute leader in the number of tools available from one account and the richness of its data. By ensuring an easy workflow between marketing team members, SEMrush helps them become frontrunners in their industries.


3. SimilarWeb


A  marketing  intelligence solution to improve the website’s  benchmark and to compete the websites which also generate reports based on website’s  analytics and online strategy. SimilarWeb   also identifies emerging trends and understands customer status. They help in making the right strategic decisions, track the market shares and optimize the digital effectiveness. They also analyze the statistics and market share of any website, along with  building​ data driven marketing strategies across channels.


4. Boomerang


A tool mainly to rekindle the relationship with the following  clients regarding the service.  Mainly used for Email Marketing. Boomerang helps to schedule and reschedule the mails sent through Gmail at regular intervals. Track your messages and helps you to know your email got read with read receipts.

They are the best follow-up reminders for the user itself by resending the mail. They send the mail to the recipients after regular intervals by the requirements of the user automatically.

Here, the relationship between the clients can be managed regularly by sendinge mails according to the flexible timings and can be reached again after an interval in case of no response.

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5. Hunter


It lets the user to hunt the back end team behind the website by tracking their emails along with the other details including names, social networks, job titles and public sources where these data have been collected.

It also extends it’s service by providing the accuracy of the details by free installation.The hunterworks by finding the contacts of the domain team for the requested website and also produces results after verifying the valid contacts. It provides additional details such as Full name, Job Title, Telephone Number, LinkedIn Profile and Twitter Profile.


6. Buffer


A great tool to share/publish your content in social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with just one click. An easy reminder to deliver your post for Social Media Marketing.

It also gives feedback of the shared posts along with the analytics of clicks, retweets, mentioned shares and other features by scheduling them.

The buffer extension provided at the bottom of the post is used in sharing the post for the requested timing i.e. it can be saved for that time and then shared later according to the convenience of the user by adding it to the queue. The title along with the description from the webpage is pulled along as well. The advantage includes the sharing of data from the website along with the description and meta description from the website.



7. SeoQuake


Extension that will enhance the SEO by providing key SEO metrics, backlinks, Traffic Ads, keyword difficulty, SEO-toolbar.  Helps to determine the keywords based on trending and difficulty. Compares the URLs and provides relevant datas. Currently compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

SeoQuake provides data including backlinks, pageinfo, display advertising, traffic analysis and other parameters for the requested website. They allow you to see metrics for domains and landing pages including Google Index, Alexa Rank, SEMrush Ranking data, Facebook and much more. It helps to navigate to any landing page and receive analytical data specific to that landing page. Audits any landing page by keyword and provides feedback regarding the page.


8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator


A social media extension that helps you to Target the right customers and understand the changes in the trend by following leads and engage with appropriate clients.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator  helps the companies to increase client relationships and takes full advantage of LinkedIn to produce profound results.

It guides you through the procedures of LinkedIn features and also has added advantage of determining Lead builder, InMail and give follow-ups regularly. It is compatible for professionals who want to tap into LinkedIn’ network, team who want to harness the client relationship and organization who want to expand their company network.


9. Check my links


An extension primarily invented for web designers, developers and content editors. It is a link checker that checks the webpage for the quality of the links.

It works in a way that when used in a website, analyses and produces results such as valid links, broken links, and much more. And produces valid data to improvise the website.

Here, at the right corner of the webpage, the results are generated automatically which includes valid links, redirecting links, warnings and Invalid links. It is a handy tool for all those who are developing or testing a website.


10. Google Tag Assistant


This extension helps to verify the installation of all other Google Tags. This is useful to analyse by visiting the respective website and check the valid tags and to correct the errors. They are checked using Google Adwords, Analytics and Conversion Tracking.

Here, the tags present in the requested website are, Google Tag Manager and Remarketing Tag. This extension also helps to improvise the website by adding valid tags.


These extensions are very instrumental in building a strong digital marketing stance. They improve the automation and integration which accelerates a healthy digital marketing.

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