‘Ping you later’, ‘follow and retweet it”,
“Omg! **he reacted to my profile pic”,
“Let me update my selfie as my status”
“See you again through skype”
Every person would say these words to you before meeting you at coffee shop or hanging over with you in theatres.
Hang outs in Google plus is preferred at first by the people than hang outs in clubs!!!
This is an era where you can find your target population in social media than in shops and stores
We will give you 7 influential steps to jazz up your social media marketing
And it’s here

#1 Keep up your brand

A brand is not something merely logo, slogan of a company, It’s like personality of an individual. Building your company brand creates trust among your customers, Most of the successful companies was brand consciousness (whether in packaging, office environment, advertising or service!!)
So why not you keep up your brand in social media too! Make your brand logo or symbol as your profile picture than a normal image. Choose your brand color and keep it up with every posts you make in social media.
Like ponds followed to keep their photos light colored like white, grey background images as their brand color, all over their instagram profile. So, better go with your brand coloured or uniform coloured images in your social media account to make neat profile look.

And Adidas was sagacious in choosing their profile photo (depicting brand logo with the name) and perceptive cover photo (where the sports guy owns their product from hand to toe)

#2 Go with stunning Photographs
“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a great saying portraying significance of images, and it is matter of fact in social media too. A perky photograph (as well as clear and quality) may grab the attention of your followers (where it may end up many number of shares in FB ,Retweets in Twitter,likes in Instagram)
Mc Donald’s photograph post below made many of the girls to react and comment their partner name in Facebook (they want to be taken to Mc Donald’s by their partners!!That’s the reason)

Isn’t it cute, adorable picture? So, next time don’t forget to add up photograph with utmost clear, quality photos to your post, which may blow up your followers mind (or heart)!

#3 Take the plunge of Sweepstakes and contests

‘Sweepstakes’, ‘Contests’, ‘Give away’ will greatly work out in online too. Start a contest which your followers can easily participate in it and give them set of instructions that may increase your followers or boost your profile visibility (For Example: Give an eligibility criteria that a person follow/Like ’ing the page can enter into the contest. This may increase your followers.) You can also choose the winners by different apps and software.
Ebay went on sweepstake digitally by asking the participants to snapchat ‘Send selfie with your mom’ in instagram
(Who don’t love selfies? Wait! Before that, Read the rules!!!)

Similarly Mc Donald announced “Bring your grandma” to Mc Donald in Instagram. This was how Mc Donald increased the customers by making them to visit their store on Mc Donald’s Day! (Here #hastags are key tool for Mc Donald’s Give away)

#4 Make your societal services recognizable

In this digital world, everyone gets load of up -to -date information by simply scrolling the newsfeed of Facebook, rather than watching news channel. Then, why don’t you post your photos taken while donating the people below poverty line?! Or the awareness program you conducted for good cause!!
Tom’s (Manufacturer of shoes), posted photo in instagram when they were measuring foot length of students to donate them shoes

This company also created awareness programme by asking their followers to go bare foot a day and take a bare foot selfie so that Tom’s would donate shoes to the children in need . This went viral on Instagram (Great way of showing off!!Isn’t it?)

#5 Open your eyes to engage your target audience

If your company offers product or services to different target population, then don’t forget to engage different target population in social media. Create different profiles for different target customers, it makes great communication channel!
Like Reliance which created different profiles in Instagram for its supermarket and clothing store. And Amazon didn’t forget to engage different target population based on country (has different profile for Indian customers and UK customers). If you create different strategy for your different products in advertising & marketing, then don’t forget to create different profiles in social media too.


Tom’s , Shoe manufacturing company had even taken a wide step creating a specific profile for its awareness programs which it may conduct yearly once in order to engage their participants. So why don’t you?


#6 Having convivial conversations with your followers

Responding faster to your audience’s comments and messages may make your followers bind with you in social media. A good example is Wendy’s (fast food retailer) roast in twitter heeded many twitters mentioning Wendy’s in their tweets and Wendy’s kept answering their tweets with gut busting comments and it was hilarious!!!


#7 Take advantage of social media tools

Nowadays you can go pilot study before launching your new product or service in social media itself. Posting a photo of your new product (that you gonna launch soon) in facebook may fetch you different reactions of your followers (From happiness to angry! And that may help you). The Pinterest latest option “Buy” is a recent transformation of social media which makes followers to buy like online shopping. Trending Hashtags in Twitter is utile tool for digital marketing. Facebook also gives various filters for the Page creation such as your post that may reach your audience based on target segmentation like age, location.
Make use of every social media tool (Whether it is “Like” or “Tag” option) which may greatly advantageous and gives you ‘switch over’ results in digital marketing.
These are crucial and fundamental actions you have to take with no more delay in your social media profiles. Hurry up!


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