A Quick Look Into The Inevitable Future Of Augmented Reality

This year’s sporadically-annual F8 event at San JoséCA, further evidenced Facebook’s relentless foray into the utopian realm of Augmented Reality.

The revolution began when Metaio decided to develop an AR browser Junaio, the first of its kind, and before they could realize their obvious breakthrough, Apple, A.K.A Rookie Crusher, came along and rained on their AR parade.

The progress has been absolutely groundbreaking over the years, with the unveiling of Hololens, the recent monumental success of Pokémon Go; the game made $1 billion in revenue, and helped put AR on the map.

But, a couple of weeks ago, when everyone from the media, and publication outlets was waiting to be a part of another quantum leap of major importance, they kind of got the opposite of what they wanted to witness at the McEnery Convention Center right out of the gate.

Mr. Zuckerberg came out, and to everyone’s surprise, pointed out the similarities between the name of the event F8, and an obscure, low-budget indie movie that got a straight-to-DVD release.


Since the chill-out entertainer has been often mistaken for a flat-out boring entrepreneur, he thought it’d be prudent to exhibit his non-existent comedic prowess for a disturbing amount of time.

“It’s important to not let people down. So, I’ve written some very funny jokes y’all gonna like. AR can wait.”

That sounds as objectively terrifying as the possibility of him saying  he’d have Pitbull entertain the attendees eventually.Because, come on. Who doesn’t like to pay $595, get themselves removed from an overbooked United Airlines flight, travel hundreds of miles in a rental car, find a seedy motel room in Menlo Park, just to see the CEO of Facebook, display his endless VACUUM of charisma for the remainder of the evening?.


The things that had transpired over the course of the conference:


1.The camera controls everything.

Any user’s surroundings will be soon engulfed in interactive, and information metadata as their camera is designed to provide a visceral AR experience.


2.Augmented Reality Games.

Facebook announced a game in the new-found genre. Although the game’s in its early developmental stages, the beta version is available.


And finally,

3.Facebook’s ingenious vision to rip off Snapchat, yet again.

With the combined help of Frame Studio and AR studio, Facebook has created masks that come with product placement (could it be any more Snapchaty?).



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