Digital Marketing Is The Premium Springboard For Startups

The start-up arena is like a hyperactive warzone, riddled with landmines. 
Roadblocks arrive in the form of many toxic things : 

Patent Trolls.



The CEO refusing to accept funding just because the VC has an off-putting unibrow.

The interns routinely quibbling over who emptied the gluten-free yogurt.

Squandering money on a pool table, and calling it a timely investment.

Having a pig-ignorant grasp on English, and giving a cringe-inducing this stuff is serious, and so are we” speech at the weekend meeting, making the recently-hired incubees jump out the window.

The metamorphosis can be seemingly endless, and gruelling enough to make any juvenile business tycoon run for the hills.

While the legal, operating, and other unavoidable payments may seem out of their hands, executives have control over one fundamental component.

They can try enforcing the new cardinal rule of business…i.e to develop an armoured Digital Marketing strategy.


And here’s why they should:

1.The Reigning Advertising Champion.

Bears the distinction of putting its traditional counterpart into retirement.

It’s got access to a number of social media channels to engage audiences, and target key demographics.


2.Cuts The Money Troubles In Half.

A lot less expensive than what one could spend on print media, and oversized billboards. 

3.Viral Exposure.

Not meant to be taken in the medical sense. As in “rapid, worldwide coverage.”

4.Real-time, Real Pay-Offs.

Operates in real-time and helps keep track of progress; any time, any place, even if it means you’re in the middle of nowhere.


Bottom Line:


Traditional Marketing is not dead, and has never been futile either.

When all else fails, Digital Marketing doesn’t seem like a bad idea as it tackles a multitude of obstacles, and rewards failing businesses with affordable opportunities to redeem themselves.

Now, start-ups have a very compelling decision to make.                                      

And that is to raise their hands, and pledge allegiance to the digital empire that won’t likely fall.                                                       

Or they could take the traditional route…whatever suits them best.

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