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Plush your business with this app

From a friendly ‘Hi!’, ‘ Hello!!’ greeting to a daylong chat, Whatsapp has overthrown the SMS era and conquered a major hunk in the Social media domain. This flashing messenger got almost 1 billion people connect amiably. The exchanges through this communicative medium helped in drawing people closer for knowing them better. Apart from the friendly and social conversations, Whatsapp played a key role in building contacts and business profile.  To facilitate the process of  business expansion , the previously informal platform has now introduced a standalone app named the Whatsapp Business app to broaden your business spectrum explicitly.

Though common man complains about working in droning and meticulous spaces, he is reluctant to embrace changes and revolutions. He prefers to stick to his niche, and does not open out to reach new platforms. This newly launched app is an extension of  the social messenger which helps them adapt easily to using it as a product from an already acquainted brand. This is a free messaging solution which is geared towards small and medium enterprises. It is more ostensible to connect with customers as this familiar application promotes a convenient working for the users. Showcasing a wide range of discrete features, it permits an effortless operation even by a so not tech savvy person.

The key elements added to this application include dedicated business profiles for specifics like email address, business description, store addresses, and website. For those using a personal Whatsapp number, an alternative number has to be allocated for the purpose of the business app, yet both the applications can be used on the same device. This app is also compatible with the Whatsapp Web, the desktop web browser client.

This is also a secure app where verified and non verified accounts can be distinguished by the appropriate markings. This stands as a protected platform where the client using the app can check the account type of the business profile. A verified account has a green checkmark badge on its profile. Conspicuously, any enterprise profile that has a grey question mark badge in its profile, means the account is using the Whatsapp Business app but the verification has not been done by Whatsapp yet.


  • Business profile creation : A business profile can be created using your business address utilising the map extension, business category, business description, working hours, email address and website. These completely filled details helps the client to reach out to the service provider conveniently.


  • Statistics : This is a feature which displays access important metrics such as the messages sent, delivered, read and received. It enables you to keep an account of various messages statistics.

  • Automated reply messages : This feature helps in reaching out to the customers through a pre-written text. This feature helps you when you are in a situation unable to respond to the messages. It ensures that the messages of the clients have been acknowledged.

  • Greeting messages : These messages include pre written greeting texts which are used for greeting the clients who are first timers or those who again contact you after a span of 14 days. These can be used to furnish an insight of your business to your customers.

  • Labels : Labels help in organising contacts or chats so that it will help in more structuring of your business. Giving appropriate titles support in getting a more organised work.

  • Quick replies : This is one fantastic feature, which helps you save on time. Formulated reply messages can be added under keywords and used at the time of replying.

  • WhatsApp Web: This feature is as usual in our normal whatsapp . The Web browser client is simply an extension of your phone. The web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device to your desktop. Messages can be sent and received from your desktop.

  • Account Type:People will know that they’re talking to a  business, because you will be listed as a Business Account. Over time, some businesses will have Confirmed Accounts once it’s been confirmed that the account phone number matches the business phone number


   Benefits for the service provider

          Cost effective: This is the most cost effective tool to promote and build the business. Other mediums may not be as cost controlled and efficient as this.

Easier Reach: This application provides a kind of outreach which can be used to connect closer to the customer. The relevant particulars heeding to the consumer expectation can be provided in a precise manner.


            Appropriate launch: The required initiation of the conversation will take place. Rather than providing email ids and website, the whatsapp business number establishes a closer contact with the service provider.


            Time effective: The service provider saves on a lot of time as features like quick reply help in cutting down a huge amount of time wasted on typing out long and detailed messages. A single tap can be used to make a courteous reply which will help showcase a courteous etiquette from your side.


Benefits for the Clients


             Detailed information:  The map and address locations enable customer to easily track and locate       the locale of the business enterprise. The visible business assists the client to     access the enterprise at the appropriate time.

           Authenticated Insights: When the user is directly in touch with the                 service provider, he gets a deeper perspicacity into his business profile and     other official whereabouts. This provides a more validated service to the client.

          User Friendly : Since whats app is already a familiar and a widely used application, it becomes easier and simple to connect with the service provider. A more amicable relationship is established between the two parties.


       Security Retained : As the users generally tend to block stalkers , the users will be able to block business accounts and report them as spam any time.



This application can be noted as a business developing feature which will aid the small and medium level businesses to upscale their identities and branding. This is a separate app which is available as an individual icon for downloading from the google play store or app store

To conclude, this application serves as a great medium to build and frame your business. It can function as a  more purposeful one if a multi user functionality is introduced.  As many partnered business enterprises will stand a chance to exercise a maximum assistance out of this application if a multiuser purpose is supported.


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