26 New options in Digital Marketing Platform in 2019

Many Digital Marketing platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc. are updating its existing options by adding few more Add-ons which is user-friendly. Here comes the New Add-ons of 2019:

  1. Adds voice input and oral output in mobile web search

Now it has been even easier for the Google users to get a spoken result instead of getting a bunch of mute and plain texts as search results for both Android and iOS mobiles.

  1. Introduces New Chrome Extension to warn users of Hacked Passwords

A statistics say that more than 773 million email addresses and passwords are being leaked online recently, to avoid such issue Google has come up with a new Chrome extension to keep your credentials safely.

  1. Live New Consolidated Data View by Google Search Console

Login to Google Search Console to the see your canonical URLs performance report live as a consolidated data report.

  1. Product card buttons popup on Desktop in Google Shopping

Google Shopping has come up with a product card buttons option on Desktop search. The buttons are ‘Details’, ‘Reviews’ and ‘Stores’. This will help the searchers to get a detailed insight of the particular product.

  1. N-Gram Analysis – A Script to find the best new ad text words

This Script will provide you the best-used words from the previous successful campaigns and thus boosts the ad’s performance.

  1. Allows you to create better responsive Display ads using Ad Strength Scorecard

Ad Strength Scorecard will act as a tool so that you can make sure that the display ads will get a successful response before they show up in the platform. Google Ads will analyze whether you have unique headlines, images, and descriptions.

  1. Two Chart Types in the Report Editor by Google Ads

Google Ads includes two new chart types: Stacked Bar Chart and Bubble Chart in the Report Editor.

  1. Adds Two more ad targeting techniques

Quora includes Search-Like keyword targeting and Auction insight for advertisers on January 31, 2019. This will increase your ad visibility. There are six ad targeting techniques such as topic, question, audience, interest, broad and keyword targeting. Keyword Targeting is more insignificant search result than topic targeting.


  1. Working on Quiz Stickers in Stories

The new tool which is working on Instagram will definitely improve your businesses. These Quiz stickers on stories would boost up the audience’s engagement towards the brand.

  1. IGTV Promotions now on its Main Feed

The profile that you follows shares an IGTV Promo video, you can view the video directly in Instagram Main Feed. This is to increase the IGTV usage among the viewers.

  1. Provides an Option to Message on Desktop Shortly

Instagram is now in the process of adding an option to upgrade its version which is users can access their Instagram Direct Message from Web App.

  1. Develops an Account Linking Feature to Manage your Multiple Account

Many Users have multiple Instagram Accounts to safeguarding their details from other unknown users. So, Instagram is now working on account linking feature that is in one login they can access their multiple accounts.

  1. Now busy with IGTV promotions updates and Public Collections

Instagram is going to give IGTV videos in the main feed and hence, they are working on the IGTV layout and also going to improve search capacity and updated profile layout.

  1. Another New Sticker – ‘ Donation’

This Donation sticker on Instagram will help the user to link directly   to the non-profit organizations so that you can denote the money.

  1. Competing with Pinterest pin board by enabling its user to create a public album

Instagram intimates that the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service will now be working on a public collection feature. This feature will help the users to organize their favorite and other saved Instagram posts in a group and can share that to others. The owner of those photo collection can even give access to other Instagram user to add their collections.

  1. A New authentication feature to open messages

A new feature by WhatsApp on all iPhone mobiles shortly. Use of this authenticated feature is that it will ask for access to the user before opening a message which is similar to the bank apps asking for FaceID and TouchID.

  1. Image Editing Option for Desktop releases

Twitter has uprisen its feature by a new update that will allow users to edit the images when uploaded on a desktop which also includes re-sizing and cropping and also user can zoom in on the image. The access to this tool is by clicking on the paintbrush icon at the right bottom of the uploaded image.

  1. Editing the Tweet within 30 seconds

Twitter is coming out with a feature where you can edit your tweet within 30 seconds of tweeting.

  1. Icon Change is the Valentine’s Day Gift to the users

Search and Explore icon is a similar symbol which a magnifying glass. Now Twitter has changed its Search icon from magnifying glass to Hash symbol which is one of the Valentine’s Day gift from Twitter for its Users.

  1. Turn on its Message Unsend Option for all Users on Messenger

The new Message Unsend option is now applicable for all the users on messengers. The message can be used within 10 minutes of sending it.

  1. Admins of Facebook Page can see the Instagram messages directly from Page Inbox

Facebook has taken another move that the Facebook Page Admins can now respond to the Instagram Direct messages. Thus, it tells that Facebook is integrating its messaging apps.

  1. New Brand Collaboration Ads on Groups

Facebook is now working on a new feature where a particular product of different companies will be posted in a single ad unit that will give a better comparison for the users and also one can have a better understanding on the industry.

  1. Now We can submit 10,000 URLs per day

Using Bing Webmaster Tools or API’s, you can make the search engine to discover your new or updated content in Bing Index by submitting 10,000 URLs/day.

  1. ‘LinkedIn Live’ – An Updated version for Live Streaming

LinkedIn has launched its own version of Live streaming named as LinkedIn Live. This new option might look simple when compared to other platforms but this will improve the posting techniques. One can share the events, conferences and product announcements to the large audience.

  1. Examining native ad videos that point to the website

Tik Tok is sharing a Video Ad that directs it to the advertiser’s site and that will be labeled as a ‘Sponsored Ads’

  1. Importing and Editing pictures directly in Social Media and also feature a schedule option

You can now advertise, schedule and manage the posts on Social media with Canva Schedule

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