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How we generated 1,420 Leads through 360 Degree Digital Marketing for Lokaa ?

One of the most prominent industries in Chennai is the Real Estate Industry.


One of the most prominent industries in Chennai is the Real Estate Industry. With such high competition pertaining, even renowned real estate companies in Chennai are looking for advanced marketing strategies to target the niche audience. Lokaa is a real estate company providing its prestigious customers with ultra-luxurious residences.

If you have gone to Madhavaram in recent times, you would’ve definitely witnessed Lokaa’s M One project, either knowingly or unknowingly. This skyscraper contains 23 floors with over 234 ultra-luxurious residences. Built on a wide 2.1 acres of area, this building has over 82% open-to-sky space, with world-class amenities such as swimming pool, lawn, gym, etc. Lokaa is one of our proud clients to whom we helped acquaint their most prestigious M One project in Madhavaram to their target audiences through digital marketing platforms.

Lokaa realized to target their audience through the digital platform and decided to join hands with us. We pioneered different strategies in order to ensure their digital ROI. Lokaa is one of our clients to whom we provided a wide range of services by developing a 360 Degree Digital Marketing Strategy. Our experts provided a variety of services to target the niche audiences of Lokaa in the following digital marketing platforms to ensure an effective 360 Degree Digital Marketing approach.

- Facebook Advertising
- Instagram Advertising
- Linkedin Advertising
- Google SEM Advertising
- Quora Advertising
- Search Engine Optimization
- Content Marketing
- WhatsApp Advertising
- Website Maintenance
- WhatsApp Integration in Website
- Bulk SMS Advertising
- Email Advertising
- Google Display Advertising
- Vernacular Marketing

Facebook Ads

Our primary strategy was to accomplish the objective of making the audience to engage with attractive creatives that were posted on Facebook. The expert creative team were constantly engaged in developing alluring graphical creatives to target the niche audience. During this process, we created a variety of ad creatives for performing various ad campaigns on Facebook, which generated innumerous lead for their prestigious M One project in Madhavaram. The ad creatives that were performed for Lokaa were Single Image Ads, Video Ads, Slideshow Ads, Carousel Ads, and Collective Ads to actively provide the niche audiences with instant experience.

This is one type of Image Ad that we created for Lokaa on Facebook. However, we engaged in a variety of different ads for the prestigious M One project which we would like to share here. Each of our ads contained different CTA (Call to Action). This helped in attracting more audience to our ads, leading to more generation of leads. We would like to share you with one of our carousel ads.

Apart from these ads, we also created regular creatives and festive creatives for their Facebook page, which also helped them to be actively engaged with the public through Facebook. Our perception was to create innovative creatives in order to make the audience well-attached to the brand. Here are some of our innovative regular creatives developed for Lokaa’s Facebook page.

We also created innovative creatives to wish all the digital platform users, it can ensure a better connection between the audience and the company. Hence, our creative team designed alluring creatives for Lokaa to make their Facebook audience get personally attached to the company. Here are some of our Facebook festive creatives that published for Lokaa.

Contest Bucket

Yes, we conducted a contest and distributed price for the selected winner. Our primary objective was to keep the audience engaged with this post in order to build traction on the page. The contest required the audience to capture screenshot exactly when the house gets placed in the hand in the below GiF. You can also have a look at the kind of response Lokaa’s Facebook page got during this contest from the below link.

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