Amazing Google updates of April 2019

Google has never failed to amaze us with their updates. It has helped every one of us at different times. Google has helped in educating us on every aspect in which earlier you had very minimal knowledge. Now, they have come with another set of updates to enhance user experience. Here are some of the updates of April 2019 that you must know for better comfortability.


  1. New update of Advanced AR Masks to YouTube Stories

Many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snap Chat has a feature called “Stories”. This feature is used to engage its user by posting photos or videos of their daily events. In addition to the list, YouTube has now decided to add this feature to provide advanced Augmented Reality effect tool for YouTube stories which enables the users to use animated masks, glasses, 3D hats, and so on.


  1. Switching to Unified Bidding process for Display and Video Ads

The advertisers are performing multiple auction process to win a specific inventory. This complicated process makes them face difficulty in understanding the bidding process. So, Google has started to work on providing single time and transparent bidding process for display and video ads which helps the advertisers to have a clear track on the ad performance.

  1. Announces new shopping ads on google images

Google is testing on the smaller subset of shopping ads that display in the Google image results page. The new shopping ads on Google images will help the advertisers to highlight various products that are available for sale to target a large audience. As of now, Google implements this option for the search such as home office ideas, shower title designs, and abstract art.


  1. Broad core search algorithm update

On March 12th, 2019, Google has updated a broad core algorithm which aims to bring changes in specific criteria that will affect the website rankings and traffic. These search algorithm changes will help to boost the website traffic and ranking.

  1. Launching news initiative subscription lab for publishers

Google News Initiative has decided to sustain its subscribers through subscription since they are facing difficulty in retaining its publishers and subscribers. They are also working to stop spreading of rumours.

  1. Introduces ‘Dynamic Email’ interactions within Gmail Exchange

Google introduces Dynamic Email interaction within the Google App for the desktop. This enables the users to view or shop a product or services without opening the advertiser’s website.

With every set of new updates, Google always amazes us. We can definitely expect more such interesting updates from Google in the near future. Let us stay tuned for more such updates from Google.

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