Amazing Twitter Hacks to Boost your Brand Value

Twitter is one social platform that is most social among all other channels. This is another platform with basic features as to doing stuffs like going live, sharing videos and images, and tagging accounts. But the main feature that distinguishes Twitter from other social platforms is the ease in finding and engaging in conversations. This feature enables Twitter as a powerhouse for building relationships, social listening, and finding niche audiences. If you are facing challenges on what exactly to do on Twitter, then you can follow the key fundamentals mentioned below.

  • Tweet Regularly: Tweeting at least 2 times a day can ensure an active feel among your followers. You don’t have to tweet new, you can just retweet others tweet or tweets with your comments. With the availability of a variety of contents, pulling the right one can help you in boosting your account on Twitter.
  • Quick Response to every notification: Responding to your notifications can help you build a better relationship among your followers and others on Twitter. This is one obvious thing but mostly overlooked by many.
  • Constant Engagement: Keeping yourself updated on the latest topics related to the brand, and constantly engaging in relevant conversations can help you keep yourself more alive on Twitter.
  • Pin crucial tweets to the top of your profile: Exposing key messages to your followers can help you pass on any important tweets to the maximum audience.

Now let us have a look at how regular Twitter users can use this platform to maximize their brand or business value.

1.Leverage Videos

Posting videos to boost a business’s value is one method that has been used high on every social media platform, and Twitter is no exemption. But the twitter users are rarely using videos on Twitter to boost their brand value, so you can use this huge opportunity in Twitter for your business. Creating video content is pretty simple yet considerable. The basic requirements for a video to reach maximum audiences are it must not be super jazzy and the contents must contain specific purpose that is also understandable by the users. You can also go live to engage with your audiences.

2.Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter is a medium where chatting can be done through easiest and quickest methods that can make you engage and interact with the niche audiences, and assisting in maximization of Twitter for your business’s brand value. There are Twitter chats available on every topic, if not, then you can just start one that matches your interest, right?

You can utilize Twitter chats to have a better knowledge about your audiences for figuring out their interests. The only thing that you must never do in the Twitter chat is pushing your links by utilizing the chat hashtag. This can create a rude impression among others, but you can still take your time to feel free in the conversation for adding values.

3.Engage in real-time trending hashtags/opportunities

There are innumerous real-time marketing opportunities that can be utilized to maximize your business through the Twitter platform. Here’s where you need to keep an eye on the latest happenings and hashtags on Twitter, which is more relatable to your business. You can later get into the conversation with relevant updates relating to the topic.

Getting your Twitter feed filled with creatives and posts that portrays the business’s brand value and personality can build a better connection with your followers. Remember, you can also post built-in GIFs, polls, and other innovative posts to make your account stand unique from others.

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