Digital Updates for March First Week 2019

“Change is the only thing that never changes”.

To sustain in the busy and competitive world every social media partners are updating their version and features. Some of the changes happened in the Digital industry are below:

  1. Facebook introduces a Secret Theme – ‘Dark Mode’ in Messenger

Facebook has come up with a new theme for its messenger which is named as ‘Dark Mode’. Many apps like YouTube, have introduced Dark Mode theme. This change is to make your eyes more comfortable when you chat. Facebook has kept a secret to unlock this new feature. Here is the way to unlock the mode:

  1. Send a Crescent Moon emoji to anyone from your messenger
  2. The Shower of Crescent Moon emoji will appear in your chat window.

iii.    A Pop-up will ask you to Turn On in settings

  1. Switch on the Dark Mode in your settings and thus Dark Mode is activated

  1. Google testing Ads in Assistant results

Google Assistant is preferred by many users to make their search simple in Google and hence it is now available for nearly one billion smartphone users. Recent news about Assistant is that a user has searched for an Executive MBA program in Italy, an Ad appeared in the search result. Google is working on the Ads that displayed in Google Assistant and everyone is waiting for their updates. If Google Assistant starts showing ads then the most paid-Ads will get higher visibility.

  1. Google announces More Indian Languages to be Added in Voice Assistant Options

As per the report from GlobalWebIndex last year, it was noted that nearly 27% of searches in Google are through Voice Search. They have predicted that the voice search will be increased to 50% in 2019 and in 2020 it will be more than 50%. This is because of the number of smartphone users have increased. Voice search is easy and comfortable for the searchers and hence everyone prefers to do voice search in Google instead of typing the text. Since Google has identified this gap and is vigorously working on to add more Indian languages in Google Assistant. Now, Google Assistant is available with 8 Indian languages such as Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Urdu. The search will become simple if you say “Ok Google, Talk to me in Tamil”. The more searches will intimate Google techies to improve on that part. Soon, Google will implement this option for its messaging apps also.

  1. Instagram’s Process on New title Option for Instagram Live

One of the Instagram account holder Giuseppe Foresta, have shared in Twitter that Instagram is popping up asking for Title an option for Instagram Live with the caption “Add a title for your viewers”. This shows that Instagram is working on the New Title feature for Instagram Live which will help to use the keyword for searches. It will also provide a gateway to boost your content and also brand creators will be benefited with such option.

  1. Google adds extra features for its Website Speed Test Tool

Google’s Test My Site is a powerful tool to test your website’s load time in mobile. It is launched since mobile usage is increased all over the world. To increase your website conversion rate it is necessary that the load time should be fast. The overall report of Test My site will contain the following points to rectify your current mistakes, such as,

  • The speed of your overall website and the individual pages
  • Gives the insight on whether the site/page is faster or slower compared to the previous month
  • Overall page speed ranking
  • Overall competitor’s page speed ranking the same industry
  • Measures the impact on how your site speed on revenue
  • Suggestions to resolve issues to speed up for 5 pages on your site
  • Provides you the complete report.

Test My site tool is free and you can check your website speed and also can manage to resolve the issues shown in the report.

  1. Test made on a New Option to hide selected tweets from Twitter

Twitter is testing on to hide the tweet replies from your Twitter account. This will hide the tweet from the reply forum, but the hidden tweets can be viewed by anyone who clicks on the Show Hidden Tweet Option. This hidden option is similar to Facebook’s Hide Comments feature, but there is a slight variation between both that is in Facebook the hidden comments will not be seen to others people but tweets can be viewed again.

Thus, however the social media platforms upgrades it will improve the business as well.

We, Webboombaa will proudly tell you that we are more concern about our clients and hence we are up-to-date with the Digital Updates. Finally, we give the best services to our customers.

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