Facebook Marketing

Unleash the power of social media through Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook users and data being large, advertising here seems so promising. Webboombaa having a separate Facebook Marketing team analyses the trends wholly to exploit all the options available on Facebook. The users on Facebook exists in an informal stance, leaving out much scope to cut professional deals, yet deepening the capability to deepen loyalty.

The network’s enormous user base, 2.3 billion people right now, acts as a prominent factor. In 2015, for instance, Facebook influenced 52% of online purchases! That's a huge number that keeps attracting B2B companies. The high ROI has brought in a majority of SMBs to join Facebook. As of June 2018, 50 million small businesses were marketing on the platform.

Facebook offers a fantastic targeted advertising platform. You can create ads targeted at specific geographic areas, ages, education levels, and even the types of devices used for browsing. Facebook also lets users hide ads they don’t like and “Like” a page right beneath an advertisement. But ads can get costly depending on target audience and reach requirements.

Types of Facebook Marketing

- Motivational Posts

Combining a simple visual with an overlaid quote or uplifting text are motivational posts. These posts encourage your audience and amplify your brand values. These though often get to turn cheesy or ineffective if over-used. The key is to retain in every post an element of irony or humour.

- User-Generated Content

Like that of employee reposts, user-generated content (UGC) is curated content from the brand’s fans and followers. Posts with the brand hashtag are reliable sources for great user-generated content. This not only brings in originality and humanism but also proves that the company’s honestly cares about the customers.

- Newsjacking (Trending Holiday Posts)

Holiday posts are the rage now. Events like National Education Day and National Food Day generate lot of engagement on social media. It’s also one way to show the company’s relevancy and responsibility. This acts as a great medium to post humorous content that relates to light-hearted events.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook Ads allows a Refined targeting of a specific niche, thereby narrowing down to right audience
  • Low Cost Incursion makes facebook marketing a cost-effective approach
  • Facebook allows brands to build relationships for customer loyalty in an easy informal way
  • Facebook is often claimed to be perfect for B2C companies, given the direct interaction rate

Why Facebook Marketing with Webboombaa ?

- Unique Facebook ads (timeline & stamp ads) and retargeting ads are used to develop lasting traffic to the website

- Quality lead generation is done with the effective Pareto principle

- Defined corporate branding with sector-driven campaigns & posts

- Innovative contents, contests & campaigns are conducted to boost the acquired audience