Gravitating Instagram updates of April 2019

This social networking service was initially started with a prime purpose to provide a platform for its users to share photos and videos. Since then, this network has faced various changes, making it one of the prominent social media networks among users. Owned by Facebook, this network has announced new updates for April 2019. Here are the new updates that you need to be aware of.


  1. Testing on a new sorting option for followers

In recent times, Instagram has been working on various sorting options. Right now, they are working on the sorting option which will segregate the followers and following list. It makes it easier to engage with the recent addition of the list for better performance of the account. Instagram is working on the feature similar to karaoke tool which embeds the lyrics to music videos.

  1. Working on “watch with friends” a new video feature

Instagram decides to implement a new feature which permits the user to watch the videos along with their friends during the Video Chat. This feature is similar to Facebook’s Watch Party feature. Many believe that this feature is to push IGTV to compete with YouTube videos.

  1. A new option “Pause All” introduced to pause the notifications

The new feature “Pause All” will allow the users to mute the notification alert for a maximum of 8 hours. This new launch is to reduce the obsession behaviour of youngsters and to distant them for an online platform for a few hours.

  1. Launches ‘Checkout’ to facilitate in-app shopping

Shopping tags are the upgraded version of Instagram where the users can buy the products through Instagram instead of purchasing through the website. It will save your payment data for a further in-app purchase.

  1. Testing a new format for stories options

Instagram Stories has reduced the eight camera option to three such as Live, Normal and Create and looks like DSLR camera with a semi-circular wheel option.

Instagram has evolved so much in the past few years. With every new update, Instagram is attracting more users. Nonetheless, Facebook, Inc never fails to surprise us with every new update. Let us stay tuned for more such updates in the forthcoming future.

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