How to Optimize for Google Featured Snippets

No. 1 that is what everyone is aiming at when it comes to the battle of Google’s Search results. Have you ever
searched something on Google in a hurry and immediately got your answer on the search page itself? That small block of text
where you got your answer even before clicking on any result is what is known as a Snippet. The battle to be featured as a
snippet is surely tough, but by no means is it impossible.

What is a Google Snippet?

Google introduced the feature of Snippets in order to help the people reach out to their answers and queries quickly.
They decided to put a small block of text above the website from where the content originated and henceforth the
looking for the appropriate results is quickly introduced to the answer as a small glance or snippet.

What are the Types of Featured Snippets?

Snippets are usually portrayed as block of text including the answer to their respective search queries. There are in
total 3 main types of snippets:


This is the most commonly portrayed snippet which will include the answer to a particular question that has been
in the search bar. This paragraph usually contains the answers to question-like keywords such as how, why, when,
and what. It will be showcased above the website where the answer originates and this will lead the person to click
the website to get the complete answer to their particular query.


Snippets portrayed in the form of lists having a bullet or a numbered structure. These lists include answers to
processes, step-by-step guides, instructions and recipes.


People searching for prices, evaluation, rates and other numerical data are shown snippets in the form of tables.
tables have data containing the answers to their specific questions.

Every company’s main priority is to occupy their place of being displayed as a snippet in the search results. In
to be featured as a snippet, you don’t necessarily need to be number 1. Even being ranked in the top 5 search
will assure your website to be featured as a snippet in the search results.

How to optimize for Google featured Snippets?

Below mentioned are 8 essential steps that will help you optimize for Google featured snippets:

1.Master the Art of SEO:

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to your website ranking up higher in the search results. Implementing the
commonly used and essential keywords into your interface will make sure that you rank higher.

2.Using the Direct Technique:

Content consisting of exact and direct answers to a question is likely to be featured as a snippet in the search
results. People are usually inputting their queries in forms of questions in the search bar and framing content
accordingly will surely bring in traffic.

3.Adapting to Trends:

In the digital world, trend is a major thing. Companies who adapt to such changes and trends and frame their content
based on it are most likely to be featured as a snippet. Including vital hash-tags, keywords and crisp answers will
surely lead you straight to the person looking for that answer.

4.Formatting is the key to a ‘Snippet’ worth content:

Snippets are always showcased in form of a block or box including a certain paragraph containing the answer which
matches the search query. Whenever framing content, make sure that answers are not carried out in two separate
paragraphs, but either done in a single paragraph and contains the straight-forward answer which will increase your
chances of being featured as a snippet.

5.Giving importance to the “People also Ask” box:

Whenever scrolling through a Google search result page, people always tend to stop by at this special section of
also Ask”. This box contains the frequently asked questions matching to their searches and leads them to the answers
they are looking for.

6. Keeping it Short & Informative:

In today’s age of competition, the more you stand out of the crowd with your content, the higher are your chances of
being in the top tier of search results. Framing content within a limited set of words and including the answer in a
crisp manner is the key to be featured as a snippet.

7.Q&A is a necessity:

People are always looking something on Google in the form of questions. Including a designated Q&A page on the
website that deals with products & related services will help push your website to be ranked higher and also be
featured as a snippet.

8.Voice Search Optimization is the future:/p>

With the advancement in the digital world, Voice Search has surely become a tool of necessity. Around 70% of the
tend to prefer voice search engines when looking up something on Google. In order to be featured as a snippet to
users, implementing voice search optimization will surely help you lure such users towards your website through the
of snippets. You can check out our blog Why Voice Search Optimization is the Future of SEO to get a
understanding of Voice Search Optimization.

What do we conclude?

The above steps prove that achieving a higher rank in the search results is possible in order to be featured as
snippets. Implementing these steps will surely help you generate traffic and leads towards your website thereby
to be a profitable strategy. Ranking in a snippet will help you being featured amongst the best if not THE

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