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A gateway for Indian startups towards a European chapter

Hub Brussels
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Launched at the beginning of 2018, Hub.brussels is a merger between Atrium.brussels, Brussels Invest & Export and Impulse.brussels. Hub.brussels offers a wide range of services such as Business Advice and Support, Funding and Investment opportunities, Market Research and Intelligence, and many more.

General observations

India has become a focal point for startups in recent years. This makes India an ideal target market for Hub.brussels who are looking to collaborate with Indian businesses and startups. As hub.brussels offers a variety of support and services in this field, they approached Webboombaa to tap into the right market that will help expand horizons.


As hub.brussels offers a free-trial for 3 months to try out their services, Webboombaa aided in drafting and launching the landing page to generate leads from the potential businesses and startups.

Various campaign creatives were curated to motivate the Indian businesses to visit the landing page.

Google and LinkedIn Ad campaigns were launched to tap into the potential market where business owners in startups and corporate higher officials such as directors, managers, deputy directors, CEOs, etc from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities all over India were targeted.

To widen the reach, Webboombaa also targeted the alumni of prestigious universities such as IITs, IIMs across India who are in the age bracket of 25 to 55+ were also targeted.

Companies in various sectors such as education, retail, IT, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, etc were also included in the target audience.


With the Google and LinkedIn ads combined, the campaign generated over 280 leads garnering over 580000 impressions with total clicks of 6350. The campaign spanned for the period of 4 months from April 2022 to July 2022.

The above graph depicts the number of clicks generated by Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads where the former generated 172 leads and the latter 114 leads.

Over 40% of the clicks consisted of top officials and Indian entrepreneurs.

Given the number of leads generated, the hub.brussels were able to reel in Indian investors, business owners and startups who could tap into a whole new European market in Brussels.