JavaScript, The Realm of Programming Language

JavaScript, previously known as LiveScript, is the most commonly used computer programming language among most of the web developers. This is lightweight and most popularly used as a part of web pages, which enables the client’s script to connect with the user and create lively pages. JavaScript is the interpreted programming language that has object-oriented capabilities. This programming language is also used for Android smartphone web applications and is one of the most favoured by web developers. One of the important things about JavaScript is the different types of JS that have evolved over the years. It all started with Angular JavaScript (JS), then evolved another JavaScript named React JS. With these two scripts being used by a variety of people widely, the recent sensation Vue.JS got introduced into the coding world. Let us have a view on what they actually are, and how they are different from each other.


AngularJS, developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in the year 2009, is a structural framework that can be used for dynamic web applications. This enables you to use HTML as your template language, and this allows you to extend HTML’s syntax for a clearer expression of your application components. With the help of data binding and dependency injection, most of the code that you have to write are eliminated. And, since all these processes happen within the browser, this has been considered as the most ideal partner with any server technology. This script is now maintained by Google and has faced various updates over the years.

Perks of AngularJS

Here are some of the benefits that make AngularJS a special one.

  • It provides the ability to create single page application in the most maintainable and clean way.
  • Provides the users with a rich and responsive experience by providing data binding ability to HTML.
  • AngularJS code is unit testable.
  • Provides reusable components.
  • More functionality can be achieved by the developers through short code.
  • In this script, controllers that are written in the JS performs business processing, and the views are pure HTML pages.

To top all these benefits, AngularJS applications can also be used in smartphones and browsers, including IOS and Android-based tablets/phones.


ReactJS can be said as the JavaScript library that can be used for building reusable UI components. This can be used for the creation of composable user interfaces. ReactJS offers you simpler programming with enhanced performance by abstracting the DOM away from you. It can also work on the server with the help of the Node. It uses React native to power the native apps. This also reduces boilerplate and makes it easier to reason about the traditional data binding by implementing one-way reactive data flow. This is another JavaScript that is used by a wide range of people.

Perks of ReactJS

Here are the benefits of ReactJS that attract the developers to opt for this one.

  • JavaScript virtual DOM is used to improve apps performance, as JavaScript virtual DOM is faster than the regular ones.
  • Can be used on other frameworks as well as on client and server side.
  • Helps maintain larger apps with better component and data patterns that leads to better readability.

With such great benefits, ReactJS is also being used by a wide number of people.


It is a progressive JS framework that can be used to develop interactive web interfaces. This JS focuses more on the front end rather than the back end. Using this, you can easily integrate with other libraries and projects. The beginners can easily understand Vue.JS and can easily start building their own interfaces, as the installation process involved in Vue.JS is quite simple. This framework has been a recent sensation among web developers.

Perks of Vue.JS

  • Simplicity can be said as one of the most important factors why this framework is considered. This can be used by anyone who is at the beginning stage of web development.
  • The components used in this framework are small and are reused parts of UI.
  • With small components, the flexibility in this framework is also good.
  • When any variable is changed, it automatically informs their peers. This leads to better reactivity.

With such amazing benefits, Vue.JS proves to be the best way to build interactive web interfaces for beginners.


Since AngularJS was introduced by the two developers Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in the year 2009, we have seen remarkable improvements in JavaScript. The latest version Vue.JS was introduced to fulfil the drawbacks of AngularJS and ReactJS. Since Vue.JS provides greater flexibility than the other two frameworks, we consider using Vue.JS. However, we can definitely expect various new additions in JavaScript, and it can prove to be more beneficial than Vue.JS. If you are looking for a progressive framework that is easy to install and understand, then you must go for Vue.JS.

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