Leading Twitter updates of April 2019


Ever since Twitter was introduced into the social media world, it has been used
by many personalities to connect with a large set of audience. Twitter has also been very interactive with
its users, and in correcting the drawbacks of it. Now, it has brought a new set of updates to make the users feel more
comfortable while using Twitter. Let us have a look at the new set of updates.


  1. Adding New
    Option for tweets report 

Twitter is improving itself against violations of personal privacy by adding a new option for its users for the tweets
shared. User’s contact information, home address, financial information or government issued ID proof has to be provided
if he tweets the private information to have more accuracy and confidentiality of the tweets shared.

  1. Twitter
    introduces darker ‘Dark mode’ in response to its user complaints

After the Twitter users complained about the existing dark mode not being dark in low lights, Twitter has introduced a
darker ‘dark mode’ in response to the user’s complaints. All you need to do is go to the settings and switch on the dark
mode and the lights out mode for the darker ‘Dark mode’.

  1. Twitter adds
    streamlined in-app appeal process for reported tweets

This option enables you to appeal for your reported tweets. All you need to do is remove the post, or if you want to
take it further, you just have to fill in a form, which can be submitted within the app itself.

  1. Introducing
    new camera tools to increase visual focus

Though every social media platforms are jumping for stories feature, Twitter differentiates itself among its
competitors. It provides a stories option where the user can take a picture or a 2-minute video then they can add a
description of the stories which will give visual content for the viewers.

  1. Launched a
    New Beta testing app for a set of users 

Beta App “Twttr” was tested for particular users. The users feel that the new tweet layout will help them to maintain
the specific flow of tweet threads.

  1. New Camera
    format for New Presentation Style on Desktop

The new camera option allows the users to capture the picture and can add colourful overlays to their images. It has
also come up with the new presentation style for web version where the user can pop out the tweets and the conversation
in a separate window.


Twitter has been rectifying all the discomforts caused to its
users. With such updates, the users may feel more comfortable using Twitter. Nevertheless, with
technology evolving, we will always need more features, and we can expect Twitter satisfying our expectations.

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