LinkedIN Marketing

Generate quality leads and identify your target group.

LinkedIN Marketing
LinkedIN Marketing

What is LinkedIN Marketing ?

LinkedIN : The Professional Space

LinkedIN Marketing is basically promoting or advertising the brand effectively on LinkedIN. Webboombaa having been a prominent LinkedIN Marketer for years understands this "Bussiness Minded Arena” very well. LinkedIN maintains peer-to-peer connections, making it possible for “like-minded” people to find each other with ease.

LinkedIN has around 530 million active users accessing the site with an "Outcome-based Mindset", allowing access to investors, stakeholders, employers, customers, prospects and clients. LinkedIN Marketing enables B2B companies in particular to effectively market among potential leads.

The LinkedIN Platform witnesses most action in the form of obtaining recommendations for vendors and tools, giving insightful prospects for new businesses, and researching competition.

Effective Types of LinkedIN posts that make the LinkedIN Marketing strategy are

- Educational posts

With easy to follow steps or tips on how to perfect a daily act are educational posts. These allow to spread the knowledge easily and makes the users find the posts useful as they often tend to be quick and easy to follow.

- Influencer Posts

Using the fame of a celebrity or well-known intellectual for promoting the company are influencer posts. These often help in not only advertising the product but also bringing in new authenticity. One of the main benefits of influencer posts is gaining the attention of a new set of audience otherwise uninterested.

- Reposts from Employees

Getting the employee in form of the company’s global audience not only brings in an authenticity to the posts but also humanise the business. Doing reposts from employee accounts also acts an acknowledgement to the employee’s social presence, thereby boosting the company’s morale. This form of LinkedIN Marketing will help the audience not only to engage with your brand but also to bond with the employees.

What differentiates LinkedIN Marketing ?

- LinkedIN Marketing provides Quality Leads, as LinkedIN is filled with professional connections

- Strong “Firmographics” is a trait of LinkedIN, therefore distinguishing the LinkedIN Marketing system greatly.

- LinkedIN has the unique option called In-Mail Promotion. It acts as a direct delivery method to the user's inbox.

- LinkedIN other special Features include ‘Account Targeting’, ‘Contact Marketing’, ‘Expand your audience’.