LinkedIn – The Dartboard of Digital Marketing

The moment you hear “Internet Advertising” the first thing that strikes you is Facebook and Google Ads. Well, in recent times we are also witnessing Instagram Ads. One platform that many businesses fail to utilize is LinkedIn. It is not mandatory for every company to include LinkedIn advertising, but if you are looking for targeting professional audience with minimal cost, then LinkedIn advertising will prove to be worth remembering service for marketing your business digitally. Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to convince you why you must opt for LinkedIn advertising and how it can ensure your digital ROI if properly executed.


This platform is the best way to reach out to professional businessmen or women. If you are looking to target B2B, then LinkedIn can easily enable you to connect with even CEOs of similar industries, customers, employees, and other professionals using LinkedIn. Projecting your service or product in such a platform can prove your audience with information regarding what your product/service actually is. Also, you can get quality feedbacks from highly-professional people.

Myriad Targeting Options

LinkedIn is a platform that can be used to target maximum niche audience in an optimum way through innumerous targeting options available in LinkedIn’s campaign manager. This platform’s wide range of targeting options includes job title, job function, industry, seniority, age/gender, company size, geography, company name, skills etc. Sure, the cost-per-lead involved in LinkedIn is slightly costlier than any other platforms, but the leads generated are highly professional, leading to more probability of conversions. Using LinkedIn with such targeting options can hit the bullseye easily. There is no purpose in displaying ads to the untargeted audience, hence LinkedIn is the best way to target a niche audience.

Lead Accelerating Platform

The leads generated through this platform are more in number and quality when compared with any other platforms. This is because LinkedIn does not make its marketers run through the hoards of data in order to build detailed targeting on their own. The new Lead Accelerator tool feature enables nurturing quality leads through displaying the ads to a niche audience at an appropriate time. With this feature, the marketers can organize their ad campaigns in sequential order in order to optimize the process of approaching and nurturing through the LinkedIn funnel. In recent research, it was found that with this feature the digital marketers can witness a decrease in CPC rate by more than 50%.

Better Conversion through Gated Content

Most of the B2B marketers, on average, establish myriad gated contents for the purpose of nurturing and email capture. When the professional audience fills the form, it will be much easier for the marketers to understand the requirements of the audience. Once this process is done, marketers can target the audience with more relevant ads. This can help in enhancing the conversion rate through the LinkedIn Platform.

The SEO Benefit

Any network driven by content and links assists your website’s SEO score, but sharing the links via social networks and SERP placements can also improve the SEO score easily. In recent research by Hubspot, LinkedIn topped among all the networks in delivering enhanced results in search rankings. Every time your content is shared on LinkedIn, it creates an inbound link, leading to a snowball effect of links for your site. And that’s how LinkedIn helps boost your SEO score.

LinkedIn Groups

This option is a great way to expand your business network and reach. You can start your own LinkedIn groups consisting of professionals who are experts in your field and invite more such networks to join the group. Through relevant posts and discussions with people in the group, you can make your brand more popular by spreading the words through assistance from the experts.

Seeding the Contents

LinkedIn is a platform that is developed for networking. This platform is perfectly suitable for sharing articles, infographics, presentations, and other such business-oriented contents. Also, features such as LinkedIn pulse enables the marketers to deliver the content to the audience who have shown interest in the relevant topic recently through personalized news feed and notifications. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for availing excellent insights for improving your business through effective content strategies.


Hitting the bullseye through digital marketing can be done only if your aim is on the dart board. If you are a B2B marketer targeting professional audience through paid advertising, then LinkedIn is your dartboard. With the presence of over 380 million professionals, hitting the bulls eye can be made easy, if a proper digital marketing team is engaged. What more do you need when the LinkedIn Ad Network provides the B2B digital marketers with everything to reach the targets.

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