Google Ads

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Google Ads
Google Ads

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing (SEM) being a major branch of Internet Marketing, Webboombaa regards SEM as the prominent digital marketing service. SEM allows website promotion by enhancing the presence of the website on the search engine results pages (SERPs). The search engine marketing predominantly works through paid form of advertising.

SEM might also involve search engine optimization, which works through reforming or modifying the website content to evolve as a top result for selected searches. The site architecture is also re-crafted through pay per click (PPC) listings to obtain higher ranking on a search engine results page.

The predominant SEM technique is applied through Google search engine and so the SEM is otherwise synonymous with Google Ads.

What is Google Ads ?

Going by Google’s own description, Google Ads is essentially an online advertising tool seeking to connect businesses with potential customers. By simple creation of an Ad, and defining the reach audience, Google delivers the Ads to the people in that specific niche.

High performance Benefits :

- Google Ads connect with customers at the right time

- Power over cost management dominates in Google Ads

- Strong Performance analytics can be done on Google Ads.

Google Ads campaign types

- Search campaign with Display opt-in

- Display campaign

- Search campaign

- Video campaign

- Shopping campaign

- Universal App Campaign

Why Search engine marketing with Webboombaa ?

- Keyword-specific research predicting and defining future strategies

- Doubled outreach achieved with unique, proven tactics

- Advanced optimization methods are involved

- Constant innovation based on trend analysis

- Click rate of website boosted with relevancy as motive

- Expert re-targeting with ROI system.

- Spike in leads enhancing probability ratio of sales