SEO DO’S and DON’T’S for 2020

What is SEO optimization?

It is the inevitable race to the top of the mountain that every company in the current digital age has to participate in; when it comes to ranking in the top tier search results. Everyone is familiar with the term “SEO’ by now, but looking at the competition in the digital world, the implications and methods to use SEO is the key to putting yourself ahead in the game.

With every passing year, the digital world is becoming more and more populated with each brand and company trying to occupy the top tier rankings. SEO is the major thing that helps in high rankings, but what to do in case everyone is going for SEO? How does one stand out and yet be in the top tier of results?

Planning, strategizing and picking the right keyword is your answer to a successful SEO optimization. Get to know in depth below as to how differentiate the Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to SEO optimization in 2020.

What are the Do’s of SEO:

1. What are the Do’s of SEO:

The use of long and informative keywords is the best possible to cover more topics in a single keyword structure. Using this technique increases your chances of being displayed in the search results more often due to the complexity of long keywords.

2. Keyword & Content Co-ordination:

Content is the king when it comes to a detailed overview of your brand and the services. Using keywords best suited with your content helps push your brand dur5ing campaigns and promotions using SEM. Detailed and easy-to-grasp keywords prove to be beneficial in curating the content thereby making the content more readable and also easy to find amongst the search results.

3. Localization:

It’s always advisable for young upcoming brands to use localization as the way to go when it comes to SEO optimization as that surely helps in boosting your brand in the local area and local search results before starting to expand your reach on a much wider basis.

4. Efficient Keyword Linking:

Whenever curating content on your website, make sure that the keywords being deployed are smartly linked to each other thereby giving full justice to the content and proving to be meaningful and user-friendly. This helps people reach that particular content link easily when searching online.

5. Using Static URLs:

The use of Static URLs is the way to go when it comes to SEO optimization. The advantage that it holds upon dynamic URLs is being much more user-friendly, easier to use on browsers and high navigation rates.

6. Media-infused Content:

Implementation of images, short videos and gifs is the key to a very efficient SEO optimized content in 2020. With the current trend weighing heavily on media content, it’s advisable to use related images, witty gifs and short videos on any particular content page with the suitable SEO optimization. This not only helps in ranking higher but also a higher rate of audience engagement.

7. The Importance of Sitemaps:

Sitemap is a very basic and considerable old attribute of SEO optimization. Yet it is still one of the most functional implementations on a website as it helps n re-directing to your desired page or link quite conveniently.

8. Gadget friendly SEO interface:

Websites are most likely to be viewed on mobile phones, tablets then desktops. Creating gadget friendly websites with the appropriate SEO optimization helps in enabling a refined user experience for any technological platform. A good-looking website on all devices assures high engagement.

9. Embracing the Trends & Hashtags:

Social media is the platform for anyone and everyone to attain mainstream appeal. Embracing the internet culture, trends and all the crazy hashtags, you ensure the survival and relevance of your brand in on the internet.

10. Getting on YouTube:

YouTube is the leading platform right now when it comes to video content. Generating suitable content for the platform along with the right SEO will surely attract viewers towards your brand as marketing through motion tools such as videos, gifs, etc. is likely to create significant buzz.

11. The world of E-Commerce:

Since the digital world came into existence, e-commerce industry also started blooming at a considerable rate. With many brands turning to the internet to carry out their businesses, companies who get into the e-commerce industry should draft their SEO optimization suitably with the inclusion of ‘Purchase intent’ keywords in order to pull in more sales.

12. Blogging

The last but definitely not the least, blogging is the key characteristic for your brand to stand out through its content along with efficient SEO optimization. Use of headers and sub-headers helps in making the blogs much more readable. Easy-to-understand and elegant content with strategically placed keywords ensures that your blogs will catch the eye of many readers, thereby increasing engagement.

Coming to the Dont’s of SEO:

1. Using Extensive Content:

Long and lengthy content without any substance will definitely affect the quality of the textual content on your website. This will affect your search results ranking and also prove less fruitful when carrying out promotional campaigns.

2. Plagiarism Kills Everything:

Copy-pasting content or content structures directly from the web will always harm your brand’s reputation. It will take away the essence and originality that a brand should carry and will only create hurdles in the future.

3. Not just Textual Content:

Nobody likes to read long paragraphs even if the content is exceptional. Giving a touch to your content with animations, images, videos, gifs, etc. surely helps in keeping the reader engaged and thereby gradually increasing traffic towards the website.

4. Not being completely dependent on backlinks:

Depending heavily on insertion of backlinks is certainly not advisable as it eventually leads to chaos when carrying out SEO optimization. This eventually results in poor SEO results when compared to others and thereby disrupting the growth of the brand.

5. Avoiding “Keyword Content” by considering Search Intent:

Sometimes you might spot a particularly juicy keyword when conducting your research and immediately implement them in your SEO, but just because a keyword has high volume, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a good one to rank for. Choosing the appropriate and relevant keywords which you think will help you stand out, be relevant and put you up in the search results is the way to for.

What have we learned so far?

Let’s take a look below at the brief overview of the Do’s and Dont’s of SEO in 2020 which will help you gaining a general idea before moving forward:

Do’s Dont’s
Detailed & efficient keywords Avoid extensive content
Creating content around keywords No plagiarizing
Starting local, growing global Only sticking to textual content
Inter-linked keywords Overuse of backlinks
Using static URLs Avoiding “Keyword Content”
Media-infused content
Implementing sitemaps
Gadget friendly SEO
Keeping up with trends
Efficient Blogging
Getting on YouTube
Adapting SEO for E-Commerce


Ready to Bloom?

Keeping all the tips and tricks discussed above for SEO optimization, you are ready to take your brand to the next level in 2020. As the years pass, the digital world is going to get crowded by the minute and keeping up with the latest and efficient ways of SEO optimization will ensure the longevity and relevance of your brand.

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