Top 5 Amazing Twitter Tips That You Need to be Aware of

Twitter is a powerful platform for any business seeking to reach target audiences through digital platforms. But this platform can only help you rocket to success if you know how to manipulate the platform and release the full potential of tweets. There are chances of you ending up losing followers or wasting valuable time by engaging in the wrong elements. Hence, proper access to the hard data is necessary to draft a better idea on what to do and what not to do in twitter. Also, Twitter can assist in finding your older morals, if in case you require access to the highest performing tweet contents that you’ve sent. To assist in making you the power user of Twitter, here are some of the Twitter tips that can take your business to the next level through this platform.

1. Finding your old tweets

Your old tweets can at times prove to be useful even after a long time. Be it a tweet having a great number of impressions or informative content, you can easily locate the tweet that was sent out way back in the day.

Usually, Twitter displays only your last 3,200 tweets in the timeline. However, if you want to find tweets beyond the 3,200, you can simply use the advanced search operators to get hold of your old tweets. All you have to do is enter the date in which you tweeted the specific tweet, and you can watch all tweets made on that particular date.

2. Get the Stats of any Tweet

You can examine your tweets by having a glance at the basic stats such as retweets, likes and comments of any tweet. Sometimes, you can also dig and examine more valuable metrics. The process is pretty simple, you just have to click the bar graph available on the tweet to get the wealth of information. With these insights, you can analyze methods to enhance your tweet engagements in your upcoming tweets.

3. Promoting your tweets

Promoting your tweets can easily enhance your tweet’s exposure. You may have already noticed the option “Promote your tweet” in your tweet activity, and this can increase the tweet’s impressions, leading to more people witnessing your tweet. After you press the button, you’ll be displayed with a panel containing options regarding your target location and expenditure budget. After filling the details, you can view the estimated reach for the promoted tweet.

Investing in the right tweets is important. Selecting your top-performing tweets by heading over to Twitter Analytics section can reduce the CPC to a certain extent. Twitter’s algorithm determines the price after considering the engagements. Hence, the higher the engaging content, lower the costs.

4. Obtaining Valuable Insights into your Audience

Do you accurately know who your audiences are and what they need? Well, with Twitter Analytics, you can just view demographic information regarding the users reading your tweets that includes various interests. With such understanding about your audience, you can develop content relating to your audience, enabling you to cover a variety of topics that your audiences are looking for.

5. Create a Twitter Moment

Twitter also enables you to create “Moments”, which displays a collection of tweets through a slideshow to make it easier for you to display a compelling story. But this feature can be accessed only through the desktop version of Twitter. You can use this option by entering the Moments section available on the top right side quoting “Create new Moment”. Later, you can enter details such as title, short description, and choose a cover video or image. After the completion of such procedures, you can choose the tweets that need to be added to your Moment collection. You can also use tweets from other accounts along with your tweets for creating Moments.

There’s a stack of ways through which one can utilize Twitter and its data to enhance the results for a business. But implementing the right one at the right time matters the most. Hope these tips have enlightened your way of approach on Twitter. Do stay tuned for more such amazing tactics in social media platforms.

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