Trending digital platforms and its latest updates

With digital platforms evolving at a rapid pace, it is necessary for us to keep up with the latest updates on different platforms. Here are the latest updates on YouTube, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.


1. Testing on Fact-Check feature for misinformation content

YouTube has become very cautious of neglecting the fake news in their app as it is about to introduce its Buzzfeed news app. Fact Checks is the feature that helps the user to identify whether the published information is true or false. It does not just provide whether the information is wrong but highlights the verified fact checking partner.

2. Scaling back it’s TV-like programming efforts

YouTube is focusing on its TV-like content to convince advertisers that it can compete with traditional TV. It has been attracting the advertisers that they will give better results when compared to Traditional TV ads.

3. Introduced Pop-Up ‘Experiential House’ in New York City

YouTube has introduced its first-ever pop-up in New York, which has a wide range of areas showcasing various offers for the viewers. YouTube House includes YouTube TV, YouTube Gaming, Virtual reality, fitness studio, a kitchen and YouTube music.


1. Launching a new in-app gaming platform in the month of April 2019

Snappables is the previous version of Snapchat which was AR lens gaming app. Now, Snapchat has decided to launch games in their app where the outside game app developer is given permission to develop games inside their app.


1. Testing on the fingerprint authentication and Dark Mode Option for Android Beta Version

iOS WhatsApp users have the option to unlock their app using the FaceID and TouchID. So, WhatsApp is now working on to provide fingerprint authentication for Android Beta version. WhatsApp is also testing on the Dark Mode theme for Android Beta Version. This dark mode is an inbuilt option which the users cannot access manually. These features will be soon available in Android Beta Version.

2. Launching a new feature for the forward messages

“Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded” are the two forwarding options introduced by WhatsApp. These two options have been implemented to keep track of the messages and to reduce spreading false information.

With such latest updates, using of these apps are becoming more easier for both professional purposes as well as personal purposes. Be aware of the latest updates in the digital platform for better knowledge in this digital world. Stay tuned for more updates in future from leading digital platforms.

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