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How Webboombaa Ensured Digital ROI for VGN through Linkedin?

VGN is prevalently known for offering world-class, beautiful homes for over the last 76 years. This dynamic real estate industry is well-known for engaging in the best practices in the industry.


VGN is prevalently known for offering world-class, beautiful homes for over the last 76 years. This dynamic real estate industry is well-known for engaging in the best practices in the industry. This multi-million dollar real estate company develops ultra-luxurious residences in the prime areas of Chennai. One such luxury residential project developed by VGN was Notting Hill in Nungambakkam.

VGN's Notting Hill project situated in Nungambakkam, fringed by the landmark Taj Coromandel, is one of the most prestigious projects of VGN in Chennai. With over 166 luxurious 3 BHK apartments on 14+ floors, this building consists variety of amenities for the residents of the building. This well-reputed real estate company in Chennai encountered obstacles in promoting their flats to potential customers available in the digital platform. Hence, they decided to seek help from us in order to reach a wide range of customers in the digital platform for their prestigious Notting Hill project in Nungambakkam.

Webboombaa along with its team developed appropriate strategies that supported the requirements of VGN. With the implementation of these strategies, we ensured the best digital ROI for VGN. We are proud to share our experience with VGN in making them reach success in the digital platform LinkedIn. In this process, we first decided to classify the target audience based on their personal interests and location. We considered using LinkedIn to reach the target audience for this project. One can definitely wonder of the reasons for us choosing LinkedIn for this project. Actually, in the digital field, LinkedIn is considered as costliest in terms of CPA (Cost per Acquisition), but still, we regarded this digital media platform because of the generation of quality leads. The users in LinkedIn are highly professional, and the leads generated from this platform are mostly verified leads. Hence, we decided to reach the audience through LinkedIn for this Notting Hill project of VGN.

We also used the conversion tracking tool to have a better knowledge of the interaction between the customers and our ads. This tool provides us with information such as whether they are interested in purchase, whether they have interacted with the business and other such information regarding conversions. With the help of such a tool, we used the information to target the right audience.

conversion tracking
conversion tracking

During this process, we generated over 50 leads through LinkedIn for the Notting Hill project. In this 50 leads, around 20 leads were verified ones, which proved to be effective marketing in LinkedIn. We decided to retarget these verified leads through various platforms. With the help of Campaign Manager feature provided by LinkedIn, we were able to identify the customers who visited the website through LinkedIn ads. Hence, with this information, we retargeted the customers who had recently visited the website. With Retargeting technique, we acquired a result of 8 people from those 20 verified leads visiting the Notting Hill project. Once we made the potential customers visit the project, then the Notting Hill took care of the rest by attracting them towards the beautiful ultra-luxurious residencies.

And that’s how we made it happen for VGN Notting Hill project. It all started from 50 leads in LinkedIn, and we just had to implement innovative strategies in order to provide conversion for them. We are proud to share it here that VGN is one of our happy clients who witnessed an ensured Digital ROI. There was 2 conversion in this entire process, and this resulted in ROI of around 600% for VGN. With Webboombaa, your digital ROI is always ensured with innovative and strategical methods.