WhatsApp Status Ads by 2020 – Evolution of WhatsApp Marketing

Over the years, we have beheld enormous growth in the number of WhatsApp users, especially in India. Since the internet has become effortlessly feasible, the convention of WhatsApp has faced a hike, and then evolved WhatsApp marketing. Even though many marketers used WhatsApp marketing to influence a vast number of patrons, the users still had very less interruption while engaging with their friends and family. Well, the Facebook-owned company has recently made an announcement that it’s planning to implement ads on WhatsApp too. This update is expected to be officially launched by 2020. In this blog, we would like to provide you with insights on how this process functions in the WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Status Ads

Around a year ago, WhatsApp enrolled the status feature, which was similar to the Snapchat story. During the launch of this feature, almost every Facebook-owned social media platform had this feature. Since all the other social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat had already implemented ads in their story and status feature, there is a higher probability of you experiencing status ads in those platforms. Well, Facebook has decided to monetize using this technique through WhatsApp too. In a recent session of Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, the arrival of WhatsApp ads was announced. Later, Facebook’s Vice President Chris Daniels also confirmed the authenticity of this announcement.

The WhatsApp ads are predicted to be rolled out by 2020. The ads are expected to be exactly similar to the ads that are placed in Instagram stories. Recently, WhatsApp beta version 2.18.305 for Android was expected to get this feature implemented in the status section. Also, the WhatsApp iPhone version was said to be ready for this development of ads. However, WhatsApp users are yet to experience this feature.

Benefits of WhatsApp Status Ads

The digital marketing field is facing amazing benefits with every latest advancement in social media platforms. Also, marketing through social media platforms has led to many perks for the potential audience too. Well, here are some of the benefits that can be experienced through WhatsApp Status Ads.

  • Better Customer Engagement: With the availability of the Status Ads facility, the business representatives and their patrons can establish better direct communication. This can improve more trust among the customers on your business. Also, this can expand better leads for your business, since the number of people engaging with your ads will be higher than usual. With innovative and alluring multimedia, you can create a highly effective marketing campaign.
  • Advertising and Promotions: WhatsApp is the application that is most commonly used by every person, and there are higher chances of endorsing your new products to the customers. You can also make the ads more innovative with creatives containing exciting offers and discounts. With catchy brochures, your company can develop high value among the WhatsApp users.
  • Brand Image and Positioning: If a proper creative team is engaged for creating alluring creatives for the status ads, these creatives can establish better communication with the customers. This can make the WhatsApp users understand the business’s concern towards satisfying the customers, leading to better brand image.
  • Marketing to Any WhatsApp Users Globally: With this feature, the ad creatives can be projected to a maximum number of people available in WhatsApp globally in the most efficient way possible. This increases the probability of turning the user into a customer. Hence, this method can be considered one of the best ways to market your product in the most effective and efficient way.

WhatsApp Status Ads – The Modern Age Marketing

When there are such amazing benefits associated with the implementation of WhatsApp Status Ads, Facebook will be looking to use this feature of WhatsApp Business as one of the major revenue-driven platforms. The introduction of this feature has already created a buzz among sundry entrepreneurs. Recently, Facebook revealed the world that WhatsApp has over 3 million users. Even with such a number of users available for this app, Facebook faced a decline in its revenue growth. With the availability of this feature, it can prove to be more useful in every aspect. Businesses can use this marketing tool to reach larger members with better engagement, and Facebook can improve their revenue growth. Let’s wait for the release of WhatsApp Status Ads by 2020.

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