Why Voice Search Optimization Is the Future of SEO?

Mom: Please stop playing games and do something productive.

Son: Yes, mom, whatever!

Mom: Oh god, how old are you?

Triggered Alexa”: According to Wikipedia, I am 6 years old.

Mom and Son: “Confused faces”

21st Century is a digital book and the world has been engulfed by the internet. With technology and innovations taking place every day, the human race is expanding and progressing at a very rapid pace. From high tech computers to robots to artificial intelligence, the way of living has completely changed. One of the recent tools discovered has been the use of voice search.

With human beings slowly depending on artificial intelligence, voice search has been a prominent feature in the AI world. Instead of typing or physically looking up the internet for stuff, voice search is used as an essential tool to get the job done. The devices are built with voice recorders which can record our questions and answer it accordingly. Browsing the internet has become considerably easy with the introduction of voice search.

How Voice Search Optimization is going to affect SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a very important feature when it comes to Google rankings and top website results. With the implementation of voice search tools, the concept of SEO changes drastically. In the current generation more than 43% of teens and 40% of adults are depending on voice search to get their tasks done. This percentage of users is only going to increase as the years pass and the technology behind voice search optimization becomes more complex.

How to optimize Voice Search for websites using SEO?

In order to boost your website rankings, SEO should be completely based on all the basic words that a user is going to use. As the user will be speaking directly to the voice search application, the sentences and words used will be short and directly to the point.

For example: If the user is in search of the companies who are prominent in the digital marketing world then the question would be “Best digital marketing companies near me” or “Best Digital Marketing companies in 2020”. Accordingly the voice search will be targeting and displaying results containing websites which would have added the highlighted words as SEO into their website interface. Voice search will be completely based on basic sentence structures and as a result the SEO implemented should also be based on basic keywords rather than implementing complex words.

What is the future of Voice Search Optimization?

When we hear the term “Voice Search” the main characters that come in our mind are Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Ok Google. They were made by Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google respectively. These tools are the most prominent ones in the game and used by millions of users worldwide. Alexa is an independent tool of technology developed by Amazon whereas Siri, Cortana and OK Google have been designed for speakers, desktops and mobiles. Designed using high tech and efficiency, these tools of voice search are the most sought-after tools in the world.

Many businesses and organisations are slowly moving towards implementing voice search into their website interfaces, and  this will help them attract numerous visitors. As a result in order for such businesses and companies to be in the top website results, implementation of SEO will prove to be very crucial. As voice searches usually consist of short sentence structures as a result the SEO words to be used should be the most commonly used ones.

According to a recent census, 70% of users prefer using voice search optimization tools whenever browsing the internet. Within the next 2 years, shopping based on voice search will be estimated to grow around $40 billion. Many businesses and organisations from all sectors are already gearing up to adopt voice search optimization into their interfaces. This proves that voice search optimization is surely going to be the future of SEO.


1.Why are companies adopting Voice Search Optimization Tools into their interfaces?

Due to the increase in users depending more on voice search optimization tools for browsing, companies have been implementing these tools in their interface to reach to customers promptly.

2.Is SEO affected by the implementation of Voice Search Optimization?

Since the introduction of Voice Search Optimization, many companies have adopted a new way of implementing SEO by using short and most-used keywords in their interfaces in order to be at the top of webpage results.

3.What is the future of Voice Search Optimization?

Technology has been progressing every day and with the advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice Search is going to be heavily implemented in most of the fields due to its user experience and efficiency.

4.What are the most prominent tools for Voice Search Optimization?

Alexa (by Amazon), Siri (by Apple), Cortana (by Microsoft) and OK Google (by Google) are the most prominent tools for Voice Search Optimization.

5.What makes Voice Search Optimization unique?

Just by speaking and prompting commands to a Voice Search tool and getting quick results and answers is what makes Voice Search Optimization unique and efficient.

6.Which companies rank at the top when it comes to Voice Search SEO?

SmartSitesPage Traffic Inc.Caveni digital SolutionsLead Valets and Dot Com Infoway are the top 5 Voice Search SEO companies.

7.How is Voice Search SEO going to be the next big thing in terms of estimated statistics?

Voice Search SEO has been the most recent inclusion of search tool which has been adopted by millions of brands and users worldwide.

  • Within the next one year nearly 30% of all searches will be done using Voice Search Optimization.
  • Nearly 22 million units of Voice Search tools such as speakers will be sold worldwide.
  • The use of Voice Search tools amongst people between the ages of 26-40 will increase drastically.
  • Almost 70-80% of major companies would have already adopted Voice Search modules into their interfaces.

Looking at all the above statistics and buzz behind Voice Search Optimization, it is safe to say that major companies are going to adapt their SEO techniques keeping the importance of Voice Search Optimization in mind. The technology and uses of Voice Search tools are going to increase at a rapid rate in the near future.

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