Twitter Marketing

Establish a bond with your customer and expand your target audience.

Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing has its roots from the innovative designing of the space by restricting the user’s interactions to mere 280 characters. Twitter innately boosts the capability to be creative and succinct and thus helps in retaining the user’s attention. Hence, all major companies are increasingly expanding their customer relations department in twitter and making their presence felt in the virtual world through Twitter Marketing.

There is also popularizing certain hashtags in order to popularize a product and the reach of a product and its popularity can measured in the tweets it generates. This, however, is mostly for the already established brands. Hashtag campaigns, daily conversations, setting up a unique relationship with tweeps, identifying influencers and choosing the right people to approach enables a business to strengthen on Twitter.

Why Twitter for Business?

Marketing in its essence is about building a relationship with the customers and twitter aids this process greatly as customer queries can be dealt in real time and ones with similar queries can take cues from the tweets. The popularity of twitter derives from the fact that almost all major global leaders, celebrities and brands have and maintain a twitter handle and use it to get their messages across the globe.

Since the start of this decade, twitter has constantly remained one of the most visited sites with over 340 million tweets being posted by over 100 million active users daily. Twitter has also been one of the most important grounds for all sorts of debates ranging from political discourse, sports to gossips. All these have made it the ‘the SMS of the internet’.

Why Twitter Ads with Webboombaa

- We choose the right target audience With Webboombaa your brand reaches the right audience by targeting based on interests, geography, gender, device, or users similar to your followers.

- We get you discovered We maximize the relevancy of your message by targeting by keywords in people’s Tweets. The authenticity and visibility ratio spikes when Twitter Ads are run through Webboombaa.

- Budget that works: ROI Driven strategy With a set budget Webboombaa allows you to get the best returns. Twitter charges only when users follow your account or retweet, like, reply, or click on your Promoted Tweet.

Key Concepts in Twitter Marketing?

- Regular tweeting and Contests creation

- Regular automated tweets

- Addressing grievances, complaints, suggestions, etc

- Building a keyword manual

- Interacting with tweeple (People who use Twitter) and maintaining relevancy

- Identifying & building influencer relationship with well-known intellectuals and celebrities

- Hashtag campaigns; use of trending hashtags in tweets regularly