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Break the language barrier with vernacular marketing

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India is a country that has innumerable languages, and Chennai is a city where you can find people from various states. With smartphone becoming feasible by everyone in this digital world, not every internet users are comfortable with the English language. If we use each person's mother tongue to engage with them, we can establish a better emotional connect with potential customers. And that’s how Vernacular marketing came into existence. With Vernacular marketing, we aim at reaching a larger set of audience in the language they are comfortable.

This is the area where many digital marketers struggle to find appropriate marketing strategies. Our approach is quite simple. We just analyze what is required to make the marketing services effective and proceed with that approach. Here are some common strategies that we implement for our every client seeking for Vernacular marketing service.

- Localize your content and target Indian language users

- Build a better brand trust

- Increase the conversion rates

- Establish an emotional connect with the customers through localized contents

- Focus on users of all the channels

From the above statistics provided by KPMG, you can witness an increase in usage of Indian language being higher in India by 2021. Hence, we decided to recommend our every client to consider Vernacular Marketing for the betterment of their business in future.

Purpose of Vernacular marketing

  • Enhanced sales among every language user
  • Better conversion rates
  • Greater connection with potential visitors
  • Widespread target audience
  • Creation of brand awareness and nonspecific searches

With only 200 million Indians comfortable with the language English, it is important to establish newer strategies for finding better ways to reach the audience. With Vernacular marketing, you can interact with the audience in the language that they are comfortable. This can ensure an effective marketing approach for your business. Here at Webboombaa, your digital ROI is ensured with innovative marketing strategies.