Website Revamp and Maintenance

Revamp. Reload. Relaunch. Improve your user experience and enhance your web traffic.

Website Revamp
Website Revamp

What is Website Revamp?

Webboombaa regards websites as the voice of every brand. Websites interact with the users and make impressions. Website design begins with the architectural positioning of site and understanding the interface. Colours, patterns, animations, and images all contribute to making the website a dynamic one where users can easily interact. Collaborations of right content with an attractive design marks the final step in website development.

What is Website Maintenance

A properly maintained website engages the customer loyalty and also lures in new customers. Google also adds more credibility to websites which often present new content and keep updating on multiple levels, thereby the website maintenance makes significant contribution to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also. If a website isn’t regularly maintained the viewers very soon regard the website as obsolete and outdated. Software security updates are also included in Website Maintenance.