Getting Ahead Of The Line With Search Engine Optimization

Legions of start-ups, during their freshman days, tend to showcase signs of humility, class, and they mainly steer clear of low-minded attention techniques. Surely they won’t be confronting any evasive, yet-to-give-a-five-star-rating acquaintance who’s got reservations about giving one on a trashy website. Not to mention the instances where they would never have their dim-witted friends […]

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Digital Marketing Is The Premium Springboard For Start-Ups

The start-up arena is like a hyperactive warzone, riddled with landmines.  Roadblocks arrive in the form of many toxic things :  Patent Trolls. Lawsuits. Bankruptcy. The CEO refusing to accept funding just because the VC has an off-putting unibrow. The interns routinely quibbling over who emptied the gluten-free yogurt. Squandering money on a pool table, and calling it a timely investment. Having a pig-ignorant grasp on English, and giving a cringe-inducing “this stuff is […]

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30 Digital Marketing terms that every marketer should know

Digital medium + Marketing = Digital Marketing Digital Marketing, in simple terms, means advertising or marketing your products  or services through digital medium. Impact of Digital Marketing channels  In our present world, from vegetables to studies, everything’s become digital. Your company’s social media presence became very essential to create brand value for your target audience. […]

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